Christoph Clases

Prof. Dr. phil.

    Christoph Clases completed an apprenticeship as a craftsman and afterwords gained deep expertise in work-, organizational- and business psychology. He supports our clients in developmental processes and growth both on the individual as well as on the entrepreneurial level. Christoph Clases studied psychology, philosophy and linguistics at the University of Hamburg, and received his doctoral degree at the Free University Berlin. He lectured and conducted research at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, the University of Kiel, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ), the University of Zurich, as well as at the University of St. Gallen. For more than a decade now, he has intense experience in consulting people and companies. From 2004 to 2010, as chair of an institute, Christoph Clases has been significantly involved in the development of the School for Applied Psychology FHNW with currently a staff of about fifty scientists. He is still lecturing and conducting research there.

    Christoph Clases has been partner of AOC since 2009.

    Our Working Principles

    • We contribute to the improvement of the quality of working life and the quality of organizations.
    • We cooperate with clients whose orga­niza­tional phi­losophy is aimed at learning and devel­op­ment.
    • We take into account the particular charac­teristics and requirements of each project and en­ga­ge in a joint lear­ning process with our clients.
    • We base our concepts on a scientific foun­dation and evaluate our work professionally.